Day: September 1, 2021

Not only that, but they can only play on weekends and holidays. China is doubling down on its efforts to crack down on the technology industry by imposing a strict three-hour video game limit per week to minors starting September 1, Bloomberg first reported.  According to a notice from China’s National Press and Publication Administration, the government has slashed […]
Ever since the Philippine government bellied up to the bar and started rolling inoculating its citizens, health officials have volleyed one disclaimer about the vaccines: that it does not render us immune to the coronavirus, but rather reduces our risk of being hospitalized or contracting a severe illness. As the highly transmissible Delta variant is declared […]
Should we be looking at plastic barriers the way we look at face shields? Our brooding fear of contracting the coronavirus has led us to explore a wide selection of precautions that stood at every point of the spectrum of reason. Some, like the use of face shields, didn’t make much sense to wear, while […]
The Free the Nipple movement has gained traction over the years for being a symbol of women empowerment, femininity, and a world free of judgment. And while any woman is free to wear any type of bra (or not), we’re here to tell you that going braless has more benefits than you think. Here’s what […]
There’s nothing like a good ol’ action flick to get the blood pumping, right? Since 2010, new fans and seasoned cinemaphiles alike have been treated to the star-studded ensemble movie franchise The Expendables.  Well, it looks like your favorite old action stars are back with another ensemble movie with even more star power. As per […]


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