Day: September 2, 2021

As the pandemic continues to take months out of the year, our travel plans have certainly been put on the backburner. Though, we still continue to dream and hope for the day that we can jump on a plane and explore to our hearts’ content. When that day comes, consider skipping out on all the […]
We know that heels are a symbol of power for women. They make us feel fierce, confident, and ever so capable in the workplace, at events, or just anywhere. But heels do carry a few health risks that not many know about. Read on to find out how heels can negatively impact your body. It […]
The famous beaches of Boracay can soon expect a number of gamblers to flock to the island due to the construction of brand new casinos. Billionaire Andrew Tan, owner of the real-estate company Megaworld, stated that he’s ready to begin his casino project in Boracay after President Duterte announced that gambling was now allowed on […]
Amid the pandemic, most companies have shifted to work from home setup. While the arrangement has granted for more family bonding and me-time, it can still take its toll on people’s mental health. Recognizing how the pandemic can affect its employees, global shoe and apparel giant Nike decided to close its corporate office from August […]


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