Day: September 24, 2021

When anyone mentions the deadly “long-distance relationship,” the most common response is to split up. Immediately. For many, the thought of their significant other being a town, country, or continent away is a deal-breaker, as they don’t want to handle cheating, being physically alone, and so on and so forth. But for many others, long-distance […]
Whatever your personal style may be, there’s one closet essential you should have in your arsenal: the perfect white t-shirt. From lounging around the house to casual chic ‘fits, it’s a timeless classic you can wear multiple times. Because of its versatility, it’s important you invest in a shirt of excellent quality. You don’t want […]
Online learning has taken over the course of education as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on. What was once deemed the “new normal” is the real-life reality for many students across the world who have yet to attend physical classes for health and safety reasons. Subsequently, millions of parents became pseudo-teachers who struggled to help their […]


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