Day: October 11, 2021

Have you ever thought about the probable thousands of rolls of toilet paper that you and your family have gone through over the years? Probably not. It may seem like an everyday thing that we can toss in the trash, but the reality is that it also has a pretty big impact on the Earth. […]
When it comes to chocolatiers, there’s always one name that comes to everyone’s minds: the iconic Willy Wonka. Whether you were enchanted by Johnny Depp’s version or you remain loyal to Gene Wilder, you’ll be in for a special treat.  A new Wonka is coming to the big screens soon. The internet’s boyfriend/ fashion icon […]
Sadly, the Singapore tech company’s creation isn’t for sale. In the world of aesthetic computing, the name of the game has been bigger, sleeker, and better tech for the longest time. But Singaporean custom rig specialist Aftershock PC is quenching the “thirst” for something new by creating the GIGABYTE RTX 3080 OC WATERFORCE, also known as the “world’s […]


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