Day: October 18, 2021

Sometimes, you’ll encounter workmates who really irk you. They may be those who always submit work late, never reply to important messages, or even those who eat super loud at their desk. Either way, these habits are annoying and can affect the way you and the rest of the office works. On even rarer occasions, […]
It’s no question now that plastic is a permanent part of our lives. It’s in our home, all the products we use, and even our food storage containers! We all use them, whether we like it or not, because they’re cheaper and easier to come by. Though, that doesn’t mean we should have them in […]
Heinz supports your Halloween shenanigans 100%. Ketchup is the best friend of every cramming Halloween costume maker. From horror movies to trick-or-treat outfits, the tomato treat has been splashed as fake blood just as much as it has been as a finger food dip — and Heinz is perfectly fine with it. That’s why the popular ketchup […]


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