Day: October 20, 2021

If you’re in the loop on the latest tech trends, you may be aware that Apple recently unveiled its new iPhone 13. Well, in its latest attempt to conquer the smartphone race, Google introduces the new Pixel 6 smartphones. To put things into perspective, the smartphone arena has long been dominated by Apple and South […]
We want to know what Jason Momoa thinks of this gem. When he was conceived, Mattel’s Ken doll taking on the role of Barbie’s masculine boyfriend never really resonated with fans of the fashion doll line. He was bland and boring back then, but only until he transformed into Earring Magic Ken, in the process becoming an inadvertent […]
The former One Direction heartthrob has gone a long way from his local bakery, that’s for sure. British multi-hyphenate Harry Styles may be busy on his Love On Tour tour right now, but here’s some big news: he is officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, according to Vogue Magazine. The 27-year old superstar has […]
Get your City Café and Big Bite Hotdog without even having to enter the store. 7-Eleven,one of the largest convenience store chains in the country, continues to innovate beyond the usual retail model by opening its first-ever drive-thru store in Subic. “The first 7-Eleven drive-thru store in the Philippines is now open!” 7-Eleven wrote on social […]


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