Day: October 22, 2021

Almost a year after his not so gracious defeat against now-US President Joe Biden, former President Donald Trump is staging his comeback…on social media. Trump recently announced his plan to launch his own social networking platform called “TRUTH Social,” which is expected to begin its beta launch for “invited guests” next month. Owned by Trump […]
Here’s another reason for gamers to stay safe at home: Sony’s popular video game God of War will be available on PC early next year. According to, the game is now listed on the app and is set for a release in January 2022. The announcement was made after Sony committed that it will […]
And science scores a win for humanity yet again! According to, an American medical team has successfully attached a pig’s kidney to a person temporarily. This transplant breakthrough was touted as a ‘potential miracle’ by the head surgeon on the procedure.  The surgery, which was conducted in late September, involved a genetically modified donor […]
Ronda Rousey wants you to know that breastfeeding is normal! The former UFC champion shared her thoughts on breastfeeding in an Instagram post earlier this week. “Our boys asked me the other day how I’m gonna feed Pō on the plane when we take her with us to Hawaii, and I was like, ‘uh, the […]
The celebrity-slash-socialite could earn as much as $3 million dollars for a painting. When she’s not busy shooting for endorsements and magazine covers, Heart Evangelista spends her time honing her craft as a painter. We’ve already talked extensively about her once-in-a-lifetime collaboration with Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd and her passion for turning everyday objects into her personal canvas, but the socialite’s next step […]


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