Day: October 30, 2021

Doesn’t it feel awesome to see your childhood hero winning in life? According to Deadline, Canadian-American actor of The Mummy fame, Brendan Fraser, is set to join Leslie Grace in Warner Bros. and DC Films’ upcoming film Batgirl.  It should be noted that neither Warner Bros. nor DC Films have made the official announcement yet. […]
They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, according to the UK website Money.co.uk, where you’re born plays a factor in how beautiful you turn out to be. Wait, what?  Yes, in their study on the world’s most beautiful birthplaces, the Philippines ranked fifth in the country where the most beautiful […]
Like the Philippines, Thailand enjoyed a very lucrative tourism sector before the pandemic started. The country formerly known as Siam suffered a lot of losses due to lockdown protocols. However, it is looking to turn things around real soon.  As per PhilStarLife.com, the kingdom is reopening its doors to vaccinated travelers from more than 40 […]
  Here’s another big step for gender diversity: the United States just issued its first passport with “X” for gender, a landmark step for people outside the binary male or female categories. As per PhilStarLife.com, the State Department announced that the option will routinely be available by early 2022 both for passports and birth certificates […]