Day: November 9, 2021

If scented candles are a fixture in your home, then you’ll know how frustrating it feels when you candle tunnels. This is when the candle wick melts down the center instead of the entire waxy surface, so when the wax hardens, you’ll find yourself with a waxy tunnel that will only go deeper as you […]
If you think you know Jackie Chan now, think again! Many young fans of the beloved action star unfortunately missed his golden age in film, but we’re here to remind you why he got so famous in the first place. Check out this list of nostalgic Jackie Chan films to relive all his kung-fu glory. […]
We’ve all seen our dogs scratch themselves every now and then, but sometimes, it can get excessive. If you notice that your dog is losing a considerable amount of hair, developing red patches, or obsessively scratching and licking themselves, it may be time to start giving him treatment. We’ve listed below common remedies that may […]
When you’ve been cooped up for so long, going back to the outside world and navigating your social circles could be challenging. Contact with people in the past year has been limited to family and maybe a few close friends, which probably has affected our communication skills. So how do you make new friends during […]
A couple from New Zealand just discovered one of “nature’s pleasant surprises.” Waipa residents Colin and Donna Craig-Brown found in their garden a large 7.9-kilogram potato, which could hold the record of “The World’s Heaviest Potato.” Although Colin and Donna have already sent their application, the record has not yet been confirmed by the Guinness […]


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