Day: December 9, 2021

Webtoons are popular in South Korea. Just like dramas with weekly episodes, people tune in to these comics until the author finishes the story. With this popularity, it’s no surprise then that a lot of the K-Dramas are based on digital manhwas.  Want to know which dramas actually originated from webtoons? Here are a five […]
The K-wave is far from over! In recent years, Korean food, media, and beauty practices have flooded the Philippines, quickly establishing itself as a part of our everyday lives. Now, with so much influence from Korea, it’s not a surprise to see that people all over the world have taken to Korean design. Read: K-Pop’s […]
Street art has now entered the NFT game. Banksy, an infamously elusive street artist known for his satirical artwork, will have his Love is in the Air painting divided into 10,000 NFTs. The division will be carried out by Particle, an NFT platform co-founded by post-war and contemporary art chairman Loïc Gouzer. According to Barron’s, […]
You might know her as Beth Harmon from the hit miniseries The Queen’s Gambit, or Casey from Split. Either way, Anya Taylor-Joy is an actress for the books. As one of the hottest celebs in Hollywood right now, this flourishing star has definitely made bold statements of her own on the red carpet. Have a […]


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