Day: January 7, 2022

If you’ve been around during the great health revolution (otherwise known as the time when people started drinking kombucha, going vegan, and other such activities), you might’ve heard about superfoods. In a nutshell, they’re foods that are nutrient-rich and beneficial to your diet and health. Read: Can Superfoods Make Me Prettier and Healthier? However, like […]
Tones and I rang in the new year with a new ring on her finger! The “Dance Monkey” singer–whose real name is Toni Watson–announced her engagement to Jimmy Bedford by sharing a photo showing her engagement ring on New Year’s Day. Jimmy shared the same photo with the caption: “2021 was a tough year for […]
“Harry Potter” star Rupert Grint has taken on a new role since 2020: being a dad to Wednesday, his one-year-old daughter with Georgia Groome. “[Fatherhood], it’s definitely changed my perspective… It’s great. I’m absolutely loving being a dad. It is just the best thing” he said during an interview with ET. “It’s amazing how it […]
It’s amazing to think that in the span of a decade or so, majority of society have embraced technologies such as smartphones and other smart devices such as television sets, cleaning equipment and watches. But in the near future, we might even be using smart toothbrushes to clean our pearly whites. Wait, what? You read […]
The 2022 edition of the Australian Open is slated for January 17 to 30, and as expected, the sports fandom is abuzz about the upcoming grand slam tournament. In last year’s edition of the tourney, Serbian tennis superstar Novak Djokovic clinched the championship, smashing his way into the top player spot in the world.  It’s […]


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