Day: January 17, 2022

It’s not a secret that Asian households prefer smaller, cuter lap dogs as family pets. It may be due to climate, financial capabilities, or just plain culture preferences, but we think that bigger dogs should have a better rep! Many large dog owners will say that they are some of the finest, most loyal companions […]
January is the month where new years resolutions are made – a month where people are more likely to follow those resolutions before they plateau in the coming months. But in a time of tightening restrictions and rising COVID-19 cases, it can all be a bit disheartening. If you’re feeling distracted and your mental clarity […]
If you’re a fan of reality TV and shows, you’ll know that sometimes, it can feel like a guilty pleasure. With shows like The Bachelor and Too Hot to Handle on our mind, sometimes we need something a little…different. While Asia isn’t particularly known for their reality TV shows, we’ve got to admit that they […]


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