Day: February 10, 2022

Because safety still comes first  ​​Finally, the pandemic seems to be winding down. Yet over the last two years, you’ve developed a habit of dining outdoors. That may well be a pandemic behavior that will stick around for the long haul–and for good reason. Whether it’s the gentle evening breeze, the intimate sounds of the […]
Time to rekindle the flame Bromance movies don’t get the credit they deserve. Often funny, chaotic depictions of male friendships, they bring to life how men sustain genuine relationships with each other. If you’re new to the bromance genre, expect a lot of ridiculous, near-farcical adventures and heartfelt connections. READ: Which Cheesy Rom-Com Should You […]
 If you got yours before February 7, then it’s outdated In case you missed it, vaccinated individuals who were issued their VaxCert id before February 7 will have to generate a new certificate. This comes after the Department of Health (DOH) announced that VaxCertPH has been updated and the old QR code will no longer […]
Judy Ann Santos has something to say to the anti-vaxxers.  Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo happily shared with their followers that their six-year-old daughter Luna and 11-year-old son Lucho were able to get their COVID-19 vaccines. The seasoned actress documented the moment and shared their experience when they went to get the jab. “Finally!! […]


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