Day: March 30, 2022

Are you planning to move out anytime soon? Don’t forget these! Managing your time is one of the biggest challenges you may face when living independently, whether you moved out for school or just wanted to. You’re in charge of everything, from cooking to doing the laundry to organizing your things. But if you add […]
Check out Jhay Colis’ humble beginnings as a tattoo artist. Overshadowed by Aurora Avenue’s darkness and the jeeps bounding Marikina Valley lies a former one stop shop that caters needs for graffiti artists, skaters, underground music fans, and students who study within its belt called Wharf Plaza. Best known for the motorcycles sold in front […]
Manila is home to the largest number of women Airbnb Hosts in the country. Even though the tourism industry was impacted by the pandemic during the past two years, many still chose to be a host on Airbnb as a way for them to support their families, pursue their passions, and achieve success.  In the […]
Check out this exclusive FreebieMNL interview with Garapata where he mentions who the real art parasites are. “Happy and high living the life soberly” is how Dex Fernandez aka Garapata envision his life right as of the moment. You might happen to bump around a multi-legged street art character when you’ve attended gigs, exhibitions, and […]


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