Author: Camille Gonzales

Baking has become THE quarantine pastime when people were required to stay indoors due to the pandemic. A lot of small businesses were actually born out of this quarantine hobby, as Filipinos looked to make extra income in these uncertain times. However, if you yourself haven’t tried baking because you don’t have an oven, there […]
While it’s been a while since salons were allowed to operate, some people stuck in quarantine have styled their hair themselves to avoid certain risks outside. While you only need a decent pair of scissors to cut your hair, you need dye to be able to color your hairIf you’ve been itching to try a […]
Traveling from one province to another is still pretty much restricted due to the quarantine classifications the whole country is under. This means no out of town trips for now, and definitely no pasalubong to take home. If you’re missing certain provincial delicacies, some of the country’s favorites are now being delivered within Metro Manila. […]
Majority of the shows and movies on Netflix are international, so it’s a good thing that these days, more and more Filipino movies are being added to the streaming site. It’s also comforting to see that these local movies trend on Netflix. However, aside from these new movies, Netflix also has a collection of Filipino films […]
As quarantine measures ease, it is more important than ever to practice health protocols at all times. With no decent contact tracing and even mass testing in the country, cases will keep on piling up as the country eases quarantine measures – especially in the Mega Manila area. Although Metro Manila has been classified under […]


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