Author: Franchesca Palattao

Shipping is one of the most popular things that fans do in K-Pop. When there’s a group of people who have been together for a number of years, you’re bound to see bits of their relationship blooming! Here’s the top 5 ships in k-pop this 2020! Seulgi & Irene (Red Velvet) With the recent release […]
We are stuck at home and we don’t want to exercise. To lose weight, many people turn to intermittent fasting, but only a few do it successfully. It’s hard not to take a bite of food in the middle of an 18-hour fast.  Try out these tips for a successful fasting:  Ease into it If […]
If you’ve been on the internet for the past couple of months, you probably already know what cancel culture is. In its simplest definition, cancelling is withdrawing support from people that have done something offensive.  In other words, we’re holding them accountable for their problematic behavior — or at least, we’re supposed to.  What ends […]
K-Pop boy band BTS has reached 104 #1’s on iTunes, beating Adele’s 5-year record of 102 #1’s! To emphasize how big of a deal this is, they did it with a song that’s been released in less than a year.  ‘Black Swan’ is a song from their latest album ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ and […]
In partnership with FanLife When you hear “K-Pop,” you would immediately think of some household names like Bigbang, 2NE1, SNSD, and in this generation, BTS. You’ve probably heard at least one of their songs playing on your radio, your seatmate’s earphones, or even at a samgyupsal restaurant.  Aside from having record-breaking songs left and right […]


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