Author: Bing Gildenstern

Cara nak bersihkan bekas dengan kesan degil nak mampus. #TikTokGuru #TikTokJez – Ajez 🇲🇾 (@ajezzzzzzz) August 2, 2020 If you wash dishes, you will definitely agree that the worst part would be navigating your plastic containers containing greasy residue from stored food. But guess what? This Malaysian Tiktoker shared an amazing life hack that […]
Before we get to the backstory, watch it above! ThunderCats has always been a pillar of 80’s childhood nostalgia together with Silverhawks, M.A.S.K. and GI Joe. ThunderCats has gone through a number of iterations in the past with the 2011 remake in Cartoon Network being the most interesting as it dealt with mature issues before […]
“Your house like Chinese medicine shop.” “Biryani. Indian people good at rice too. Except you.” “Why you like showing off spices to people? Usually people show off nice car. Auntie Hershal like showing off seeds.” “Almost gave Uncle Roger heart attack after seeing collander again.” “No no I think it’s too healthy. Where’s your MSG?” […]
What’s it like to have tennis legend Rafa Nadal as your nonchalant practice partner? Well, for Miko Eala, brother of Filipina tennis player Alex Eala, it was a “HUUUUGE day for me yesterday as I got to hit with Rafa Nadal! If you listen closely you can hear me grunting haha….ang bigat ng bola “ […]
What could it all mean? Is it a sign from above when an ostrich is spotted running around a gated community? Where did it come from? Who owns it? Better question yet — why does someone own not one — but two ostriches inside a Manila subdivision? The year 2020 has been several levels of […]


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