Author: Lance Lim

“Grateful.” This was how Ylona Garcia described her journey as an artist throughout the years. The 19-year-old artist, who started her career at the age of 13, has come a long way from being a celebrated local artist to becoming the next international artist to watch out for. Just recently, she marked a new milestone […]
After what felt like forever, Filipino artist No Rome’s highly-anticipated debut album “It’s All Smiles” has finally arrived – and we’re here to say it: yes, it’s definitely worth the wait! Born Guendoline Rome Viray Gomez, the London-based artist described his debut album as his most different body of work.  Apart from the musicality, the […]
Nothing beats a glass of iced coffee no matter what time of the day. Whether the weather is cold or not, you simply can’t go wrong with iced coffee. So, when in doubt, get a cool glass.  But what if you can be your own barista? Yep, you can drink iced coffee with the same […]
It’s not easy living from paycheck-to-paycheck. But sadly, that’s the reality for most of us Filipinos. And what’s worse, the idea of petsa de peligro a.k.a the day we *almost* run out of money. But hey, there’s always time to save some money for the future! Read: Lunch Boxer PH Dishes Easy Spam Recipes You […]


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