2020 study shows Philippine traffic is worst in SEA and 9th worst in the world

(Image: Philippine Lifestyle News)

Here’s us putting on our “disappointed, but not surprised” look.

With the population bearing the brunt of the global pandemic by having to shelter in place, one would surmise that the traffic situation would fare better in this study. Sadly, according to the crowd-sourced database Numbeo, that isn’t the case. As per their 2020 traffic index, the traffic quality in the Philippines ranked dead last among the six Southeast Asian nations, and is ninth-worst in the world.

How did they measure this? Looking at the traffic situation across 81 countries, Numbeo considered various factors such as average commute time spent in traffic, estimation of dissatisfaction over time consumption, overall inefficiencies in the traffic system, and estimation of carbon dioxide consumption in traffic. A higher index score equates to a poorer traffic quality in that country.

(Image: The Philippine Star; Joven Cagande)

The Philippines scored a ripe 198.84, placing just behind India’s 207.52 and ahead of Colombia’s 198.41. In terms of time index, or the average time needed for one-way transport, we clocked in at 44.63 minutes. 

In terms of the inefficiency index, or the estimation calculation from people deciding to drive a car instead of using public transport, the Philippines posted a score of 248.96. 

Globally, Nigeria had the worst traffic quality, posting a 308.03 score, while Austria only earned 81.76, making it the most favorable country for transport.

Among our Southeast Asian neighbors, the Philippines’ index score beat Indonesia (194.61), Thailand (170.60), Malaysia (169.14), Singapore (148.61), and Vietnam (111.12).

Numbeo’s comprehensive traffic index report by year and mid-year can be viewed on their website.


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