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A Quick Guide to Today’s Dating Slangs

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A reality TV star turned actor made headlines recently for explaining his side of the story of a very public breakup that broke the internet in 2019. He denied ghosting his ex-girlfriend who is also an equally famous actress. You may be wondering, what is ghosting anyway? Well, according to BusinessInsider.com, here are some modern dating slangs to keep you up to date:

  1. Ghosting – this is when a romantic interest suddenly disappears without telling the person they’re dating. 
  2. Zombie-ing – sometimes, someone who ‘ghosts’ you comes back, and they act as if nothing happened. That’s what is called a modern zombie.
  3. Casper-ing – like its namesake, the friendly ghost, the more compassionate cousin of ghosting is when the person tells the person they’re dating that they’re going to disappear in a nice way.
  4. Breadcrumbing – being led on sucks, but unfortunately, this is exactly what this dating term means. 
  5. Gaslighting – This is a huge red flag. Basically, gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse wherein someone makes their romantic interest question their reality. 
  6. Peacocking – this is when a person shows off their most attractive qualities aka their athletic abilities, wealth, or musical skills. It’s basically putting your best foot forward. 
  7. Micro-cheating – do you find yourself hiding things from your current beau, like the fact you and your former flame still text regularly? Then you are micro-cheating. 

These are only some of the basic slang in today’s dating scene. With all the new terms being coined left and right, it’s hard to keep up. It’s living proof why true love is rare, so if you’re one of the lucky ones, share with us your secrets! Kidding aside, the dating game, especially amid a global pandemic, can be tough, so may the odds be in your favor.


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