A Statue Taller Than “Christ the Redeemer” is Being Built in Encantado, Brazil

There’s another statue being built in Brazil that will surpass the height of the world-renowned attraction “Christ the Redeemer.” The “Christ the Protector” statue, which began construction in July 2019, is set to be finished by the end of this year at 141 feet tall.

A Statue Taller Than "Christ the Redeemer" is Being Built in Encantado, Brazil

Photo: Silvio Avila/AFP via Getty Images

Brazil’s new giant monument is currently in the works in Encantado, Rio Grande do Sul. Its height of 141 feet will make it the one of the tallest Jesus Christ statues in the world, coming in third after the “Christ the King” in Poland and the “Cristo de Lá Paz” in Mexico. The statue in Poland stands at 172 feet tall, while the statue in Mexico, which is also currently under construction, will stand at 249 feet tall.

Father and son Genésio Gomes Moura and Markus Moura, the sculptors behind the project, are now working on the monument’s body and mantle. An elevator is also set to be built inside that will take tourists to an observation deck. “It will be a glass opening where people will be able to film and photograph the Valley,” General Supervisor Artur Lopes de Souza said.

Photos: Silvio Avila/AFP via Getty Images

Brazil’s famous “Christ the Redeemer” statue, which stands at 30 feel tall, will be celebrating its 90th anniversary in October this year. It is known as one of the “New Seven Wonders of the World,” along with the “Machu Picchu” in Peru, “Colosseum” in Italy, and “Taj Mahal” in India, among others.

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