Adopt and Save a Life: Rescue These Dogs on Death Row in Bacolod City

Dogs that need loving homes need your help! Calling all those who can adopt and welcome dogs into their homes, especially residents of Bacolod City–there are still 20+ dogs that need to be rescued before February 19, 2021.

pawssion project dogs

Photos: Instagram/pawssionproject

Rescue needed

According to Pawssion Project, dogs at the Bacolod City pound are on death row and are “scheduled to be killed by gunshot.”

They said, “We cannot save them all but we will continue to raise awareness that there are animals like them who need our help. They are scheduled to be killed on Feb 19 which gives us enough time to look for adopters for them. We will rescue and adopt some of them (despite our struggles at the shelter) with high hopes that people will be inspired to help.”

Aside from adopting, sending donations could also help finance supplies and vet care for these impounded dogs.

“Help us help them by adopting or donating. Your donations can help us provide necessary vet care for those with medical needs so they may be considered for adoption, and it can help us provide supplies to the pound. Many of our rescues don’t get constant support so taking in more will compromise quality of life. Please adopt when you can or sponsor the medical needs of one so they may be adopted.”

From a total of 50 dogs last week, 25 remain in the Bacolod City pound as of 9 AM on February 15.

Others were already adopted, while one passed away, “probably [due to] organ failure [because] that dog was so skinny.”

Spread the word

Celebrities such as Gabbi Garcia, Heart Evangelista, and Carla Abellana have already used their platforms to raise awareness about the situation of these dogs in Bacolod City.

Spread the word, donate, or adopt if you can in order to give these dogs better lives.

Check out Pawssion Project’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more information.

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