All the (Early) Quarantine Trends We’ve Loved Before

As we near the first anniversary of our seemingly never-ending quarantine, it might be fun to take a look back and see how far we’ve come. From all the baking and cooking trends of yesterday, to the music and TV shows of the past — here’s a quick rundown of all the (early) quarantine trends we’ve loved before.

Cooking and baking anything

Dalgona coffee as one of the quarantine trends
Photo by Yulia Panova

Quarantine with no work or class was the perfect time to learn new recipes. For many, that meant trying out things that we wouldn’t usually think of on an everyday basis. If you were there in the early quarantine days (and we know you were), we’re sure you tried to make dalgona coffee, soufflé pancakes, and any kind of bread at least once.

sk ultimate banana bread
Photo from Smitten Kitchen

Tiger King

Cul tigerking IMG 00852520JEPA R
Photo from Wired

The early quarantine era would not be what it was without the infamous Netflix show Tiger King. With the premise revolving around the rivalry and murder mystery between eccentric zookeeper Joe Exotic and animal-lover Carole Baskin, the docuseries captivated Netflix viewers for a good couple of weeks for reasons we still can’t fully figure out.

Animal Crossing

Switch ACNH ND0220 screen 14.0
Photo from Polygon

An escapist’s fantasy come to life, Animal Crossing brought a life outside the home to players across the world. The popular game allowed people from all ages to do basic yet somehow addicting tasks and connect with a multitude of other players online. The game, similar to The Sims in concept, served as an almost necessary respite to the doomsday-like news of the real world.

TikTok and TikTok songs

By this point, we’ve all seen a Tiktok video or two. The March-April-May period of 2020 was the app’s golden age as many bored-at-home users took to filming themselves dancing, singing, and doing other random things to keep themselves busy. The result was the popularization of many “quarantine songs” like “Say So” and “Supalonely”, complete with matching “Tiktok dances”.

Chloe Ting workout videos

With all the time in the world and gyms being closed, many tried their hand at getting fit. Some went on runs or walks, but most tuned in to Chloe Ting’s Youtube channel for intense fitness. The workout instructor got a good amount of people off their feet and down to their yoga mats in the comfort of their homes with her Two Week Shred Challenge.

While we don’t know if anyone was actually able to keep up with the famous Chloe Ting workouts, we sure loved that time when we thought we could!

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