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All The Things You Can Do Once You’re Vaccinated (According to the CDC)

Are you ready to get vaccinated? The CDC came out with guidelines for what fully vaccinated people can now do, and the possibilities are exciting!

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With the onslaught of the vaccine rollout happening in a number of countries, many people are getting their doses to keep themselves safe. For the CDC, a person is considered “fully vaccinated” when it has been two weeks since the second dose of a 2-dose series (like Moderna or Pfizer), or when it has been 2 weeks after a single-dose series (like Johnson & Johnson). If it has been less than two weeks since your last dose, you are not fully protected against the virus.

But for everyone else who falls into the “fully vaccinated” category, here are all the things you can now do (safely):

Gather indoors with other “fully vaccinated” people without a mask

Gather indoors with unvaccinated people from another household without masks

You do NOT have to be tested or stay away from others if you’ve been exposed to someone who has COVID-19 unless you have symptoms (though it is till recommended to do so to be extra safe)

Note that if you regularly come into contact with those who have an increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19 (the elderly or immunocompromised), you should still be observing basic rules like wearing a mask, staying 6ft. apart, washing hands etc. for maximum protection for that person.

CDC released guidelines of what vaccinated people can do.
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While the green light to hang out and gather for fully vaccinated people can be exciting, this doesn’t mean that we can start getting careless. The COVID-19 vaccine is effective at preventing the disease and protecting against severe illness and death; it is still being tested against other COVID-19 variants and can be more or less effective against those variants.

Those who are fully vaccinated should continue to avoid medium and large-sized gatherings, delay domestic and international travel, watch out for COVID-19 symptoms, and follow guidelines and prevention steps.

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Slowly but surely, we’ll be able to reach an immune society. So keep doing your part and be especially careful while the majority of the population is still unvaccinated. We’re one step closer to being able to be close to our loved ones!

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