Recently, online e-commerce site Amazon tried to change its logo and the Internet went wild with it.

If you recall, the previous Amazon logo was just the text “amazon” in lowercase letters with an arrow hanging under it, and a shopping cart waiting underneath that. Simple enough, right?

Photo from The U.S. Sun

In an effort to get with the modern and minimalist times, the corporate giant developed a new logo, one that reminded a lot of people of different things.

Some Twitter users likened the new logo, which featured a brown box with blue packaging tape and a smile-like arrow, to animated character Aang from popular Nickelodeon show Avatar: The Last Airbender.


The comparison was uncanny, as the skin-toned “box” color did resemble Aang’s bald head, complete with the blue arrow running atop it.

Though the real issue came about when many other people likened the logo to Hitler’s famous mustache.

The Internet wasted no time sharing new memes and comments. One Twitter user called it a “cardboard Hitler”, while another joked that the app was likely to be downloaded in the “Reich” section, in reference to the former German nation state.

As an indirect response to the ridicule, Amazon decidedly changed their logo, but only slightly.

Now, the blue packaging tape that resembled Hitler’s ‘stache was changed from having jagged edges to flat with a dog-eared corner. The color of the packaged box was also brought down a notch to resemble the color of an actual cardboard box and less like that of skin.

Amazon's new logo
Photo from CNN Business

For now, it seems that the company has responded to customer feedback and tried to make the logo a little less Hitler-like. While their efforts are applauded, the new logo still doesn’t seem to gaining any fans.


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