Behind the Scenes of the Olympic Village Dining Hall

Planning for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has been a hurdle, especially amidst a pandemic. Part of the preparations is the massive dining hall set to feed the 18,000 residents in the Olympic Village. That’s about 48,000 meals a day, and the pressure is on to serve this many people.

A Tour of the Dining Hall

The Olympic Village dining hall consists of two floors to cater to the thousands of athletes. There are reportedly 700 food options available, mainly Japanese, Western, and Asian flavors. Halal and vegan options are also available to cater to different types of diets.

“I feel it’s a lot of responsibility for us,” professed Tsutomu Yamane, senior director of Tokyo 2020’s food and beverages services department. “We want them to enjoy [Japanese food]…but it’s a major pressure.” Because of the strict coronavirus rules, athletes are forbidden from eating out and can only dine at the Hall.

Safety Precautions at the Dining Hall

Alcohol dispensers are found around the facility, and plexiglass barriers are installed on each table to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Australian water polo player Tilly Kearns gives a rundown of what she and her teammates do to reduce exposure, which entails disinfecting surfaces and limiting mealtime to 10 minutes. “After we eat, we sanitize again and put another fresh mask on, and sanitize again on the way out,” she explains.

Food Galore at the Village

All the delicious food you can imagine is served at the Dining Hall, which operates the whole day. From pizzas to ramen and vegetarian options and gluten-free options, they have something for every Olympian. Some athletes even took to Tiktok the impressive lineup of food available, which features many local flavors.


Dinner tonight in the Tokyo Olympic Village! Also watching me eat is CRINGE #olympics #DontQuitYourDaydream #tokyo2020 #tokyo2021 #food

? original sound – Erik Shoji

Of course, the athletes at the Tokyo Olympics need good food to fuel themselves for the competition, and Japan’s Olympic Village dining hall served a wide variety of food. The cafeteria stays open around the clock due to the different schedules of the participants.


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