BTS Fans Raise P45,000 for FoodPanda Driver With #ARMYMealProject

It’s hard to beat ARMY when it comes to banding together to achieve a common goal, and once again, they prove that holds true beyond streaming goals and projects for BTS themselves. In their latest project, they managed to raise over P45,000 for a delivery rider who complimented the BTS Meal online.

When the BTS Meal arrived in the Philippines’ McDonald’s branches last weekend, the hype was at its peak. So, as expected, it didn’t take long for food delivery apps to get flooded with orders. One FoodPanda rider, Benjamin Baetiong, even took to social media to express his awe of the number of orders they’ve been getting. He also encouraged BTS fans to keep ordering because they were happy to keep delivering. 

BTS Fans P45,000 for FoodPanda Driver With #ARMYMealProject

In a Facebook post, Baetiong wrote, “Lakas ng BTS Meal ngayon. Umaarangkada na kaming mga FoodPanda riders, masayang ide-deliver sa inyo ang BTS Meals. Kaya mga BTS fans diyan, gogogogo, order na kayo.”

It didn’t take long for ARMY to notice. 

The project started with a tweet, where one fan called on ARMY to show appreciation for Baetiong’s dedication and hard work.

The initial goal was just to raise at least Php 7000 for him. However, as ARMY does, they went above and beyond, and it wasn’t long until donations went over the PHP 40,000 mark. 

By the end of the day, Baetiong posted a thank you message to ARMY.

Screenshot 20

The next day, he followed it up with another post thanking McDonald’s head of public relations Adi Timbol Hernandez, Baler branch brand manager Aileen Jimenez-Peñaverde, and their crew as he received BTS Meals from them.

Screenshot 21


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