Gabriel Boric

Chile’s Youngest President Gabriel Boric is Also a Swiftie

Chile has elected its youngest president (Gabriel Boric), who also happens to be a big Taylor Swift fan.

Gabriel Boric, 35-years-old, is a leftist candidate who defeated right opponent Jose Antonio Kast in Chile’s latest elections. Being the country’s youngest leader is an impressive feat, but netizens are more amused about the fact that he is also a Swiftie. Right after news broke about his triumph, several photos and videos of him being a fanboy began trending online.


Boric’s dedication to the fandom has captured the attention of Swifties worldwide. In one video, when asked if he’s a Swiftie, the president-elect takes out a picture of the 32-year-old singer-songwriter. He has also been holding a photo of the musician photoshopped in the figure of Jesus Christ.

Making Miss Americana Proud

In another instance, Boric wears a similar-looking cardigan from Swift’s Folklore album. It was promotional merchandise initially sent exclusively to celebrities like Tan France, Millie Bobby Brown, and Jennifer Hudson before it became available to the public. Plus, there’s a video of the politician playing one of Swift’s songs on an Instagram live.

The Millennial President

The millennial president has also gained the support of K-pop fans after posing with finger hearts. He was photographed holding a postcard of singer Jeongyeon from TWICE and Han Jisung from Stray Kids. Not only that, Boric seems to be a fan of nu-metal too, after images of him wearing Tool, Rammstein, Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, and Nirvana merchandise have surfaced.

All of those mentioned above are — of course — just the cherry on top. What truly won people over is his campaign that calls to eliminate student debt, increase taxes on the wealthy, expand environmental protection initiatives, and increase LGBT+ inclusion, gender quality, and reproductive rights in Chile.

Boric’s inauguration will take place on March 11, and it won’t be surprising if they blast Taylor Swift music at the ceremony.

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