Did You Know These International Rescues Save Animals From the Meat Trade?

The #AdoptDontShop movement has gained incredible traction in recent years. It’s a great advocacy that fights for animal rights and sees to it that homeless animals stay off the street. 

Animals, especially dogs, are annually killed for meat trade.
Photo from Soi Dog

But did you know that there are organizations abroad that fight to save dogs from the meat trade? While they don’t exactly adopt out to the Philippines (for now), you can take a look through them and offer your support!

Slaughterhouse Survivors

Based in Harbin, China, Slaughterhouse Survivors began off a whim for three girls living in the area. Now, the shelter is partnered with many other organizations in the UK and US that help to rehome their rescues. Their main goal is to rescue dogs from the dog meat trade, as well as any other animals suffering from abuse or neglect. Just a quick browse through their Instagram will let you know they care for all kinds of living things (pigs, foxes, the usual).


They currently do not have a partner rescue in the Philippines, but will be accepting volunteers post-COVID.

Saving Harbin Dogs

Also situated in Harbin, and a close affiliate with Slaughterhouse Survivors, Saving Harbin Dogs operates to save dogs from dog meat trucks and slaughterhouses. Like their neighbor rescue, they also take on abused, abandoned, and stray animals. Many of their animals make it home to cities in the US and Canada where they live out their happily ever after.


You can help out Saving Harbin Dogs by donating or asking to be a flight volunteer!

Soi Dog Foundation

Phuket-based animal rescue Soi Dog Foundation is dedicated to ending the meat trade in Asia. They also advocate for spay and neuter campaigns to reduce the population of strays in Thailand as well as help to spread awareness about animal cruelty.


They, like the other rescues, rehome to adopters abroad and accept volunteers at their Thailand shelter.

Humane Society International

HSI champions a variety of abuse cases not just limited to dogs. While they have been known to shut down dog meat farms in South Korea and help the business owners transition to more sustainable livelihoods, they also work to ban the mink fur trade and end animal testing throughout different industries.


You can check out their rescue missions on their YouTube channel and offer monthly donations through their website.


Animal Rescue Kefalonia

While not necessarily an organization that rescues from the meat trade, ARK also saves strays and neglected animals. Located on the Greek island of Kefalonia, the rescue focuses on saving mistreated pets and wandering animals from the streets. They are open to volunteers from around the world, even during this pandemic.


Luckily, this rescue DOES allow adoptions from around the world. However, you would need to either visit the shelter yourself to bring your new pet home, or arrange for a rescue to help organize a flight with a flight volunteer.

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