Don Quijote, Japan’s largest discount store, now ships to the Philippines!

don quijote asakusa gdl
(Image: Tokyo Cheapo/Don Quijote Asakusa)

Missing Tokyo’s affordable goods but aren’t allowed to travel? Save your tears, because Don Quijote — or “Donki” for you Japan junkies out there — now ships to the Philippines!

Through an announcement made on Facebook, Don Quijote informed its loyal customers that it has expanded its delivery area to include the Philippines and Indonesia. On top of this, Don Quijote has also started to offer more flexible shipping options, including having your orders shipped by sea.

As a special promotion for their recent expansion, Don Quijote is offering shipping fee discounts. From April 4 to 7, you can get a JPY500 (around P220) discount for purchases above JPY6,000 (around P2,600), or a JPY1,000 (around P450) discount if your cart goes over JPY12,000 (around P5,300).

To start your spree, head on to Don Quijote’s official webstore, then, depending on your browser, right-click on the page to translate the contents to English, and you know the rest. Browse through their variety of categories, fill up your cart, and choose the right shipping option for you upon checkout. This user guide should help you navigate through their store.

With branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, California, and Hawaii, Don Quijote is popular for its 24-hour superstores that are stacked to the ceiling with all the best and cheapest Nippon finds you can imagine, from grocery to cosmetics, to home appliances and baby goods.

But since travel is restricted and you can’t see them for yourself, let us give you an idea:

ichiran ramen
Ichiran Ramen Noodles
ryukyu face masks
Ryukyu Face Masks
bouncia milk body soap
Bouncia Milk Body Soap
macherie moisture shampoo
MACHERIE Moisture Shampoo
DHC vitamin c supplement
DHC Vitamin C Supplement
kobayashi stain remover
Kobayashi All-Stain Remover
sengoku warlords figures 1
Sengoku Warlords Toy Figure
anello wine red backpack
Anello Wine Red Backpack
asahi shuzo rice sake
Asahi Shuzo Rice Sakè

Happy shopping!

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