Expecting a delivery? Please don’t keep the courier waiting outside your house

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Sheltering at home means shopping your days away inside online marketplaces such as Shopee or Lazada. If retail therapy keeps you sane, then, by all means, add to your cart. What we shouldn’t let happen, though, is leaving the delivery guy hanging with all our parcels and punching our doorbells to no avail.

A Twitter thread made by one @alfabetolousie, which has garnered more than 26 thousand retweets since posting, details what happens when courier riders take too much time to deliver a single parcel.

As it turns out, the ones responsible for delivering our 9.9 sale hauls and buy-one-take-one bargains have to meet a quota of around a hundred parcels every day, which means they only have a few moments to spare for every house they deliver to. When they don’t meet their quota — most often due to circumstances that weren’t their own doing anyway — then their performance rate drops.

This explains why they tend to call ahead on the expected date of the delivery so you can anticipate your parcel. The marketplace’s mobile app automatically notifies you of a pending delivery too. With all this, it’s barely the rider’s fault if they fail to reach their quota.

The logic extends to third-party couriers as well, which you book whenever you order products off of Instagram or Facebook businesses.

However, if you absolutely cannot receive your orders in person, just be kind enough to notify the rider, or assign someone from the same household to receive it for you (no pabayad for CODs here; leave the exact amount!). This way, the rider can quickly drop your order off, or just move on to their next scheduled delivery.

Also, don’t forget to provide your complete and legible address so they don’t spend too much time finding your residence. And consider tipping them too. That’s the least we can do after they brought us our umpteenth online purchase during the quarantine — don’t even try to deny it!


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