FarmVille, the first Facebook game we loved, will bid farewell on December 31

An Ode To FarmVille And The Early Days Of Facebook Gaming
Image: FarmVille

If you haven’t harvested your apples, you’d want to do so ASAP. This is because, Zynga, the company behind FarmVille, is shutting down the popular web game on December 31. This is due to Facebook announcing last July that it would no longer support Flash games come the same date.

Despite this, FarmVille players — yes, the one who stayed by their strawberries since 2009 — can still play the game up until the last date, but they can only purchase in-game items up until November 17.

But don’t fret, virtual farmers. Zynga has also revealed plans to release FarmVille 3 on mobile platforms soon. This serves as a follow-up to FarmVille 2, which was released in 2014.

When it first launched, FarmVille only took two months before reaching 10 million daily active users. During its heyday (pun definitely intended), the web-based farming simulation game tallied more than 83 million daily active players, driving Zynga to record revenues and peak popularity among Facebook’s classic Flash games.

It’s not just Facebook that’s foreclosing Flash games, though. Following Adobe’s decision to discontinue Flash, many websites and browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple’s Safari announced that they will also stop supporting the software. This means our other beloved Flash games may soon follow FarmVille to the grave.

Thank you FarmVille, as well as Mafia Wars, Café World, Friends for Sale, Pet Society, and Restaurant City, for shaping our awkward teenage years. We’d rather see your notifications than fake news on our Facebook timelines.

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