Filipino Food Truck Gets Assist From Jordan Clarkson

Filipino Food Truck Gets Assist From Jordan Clarkson

A Filipino food truck in Utah was recently vandalized with anti-Asian hate messages. The Yum Yum Food Truck was spray-painted with racist graffiti, they posted on Facebook

“We are not going to have hatred stop us from sharing our culture. Thank you for all the people reaching out. We are just so hurt right now and don’t what to comment on anything. Please don’t be offended if we don’t answer any questions at this time,” they shared.

They soon received a lot of support from the Filipino-American community. One famous Filipino-American even stepped up to give their food truck a makeover. Utah Jazz baller Jordan Clarkson gave the food truck a nice assist by not only having the hateful messages painted over, he even gave it a patriotic touch by painting the colors of the Philippine flag. 

“It has been an emotional few days. The love and support that we got from all of you has been deeply heartfelt. My family can’t thank you guys enough. Special thanks to Utah Jazz’s Jordan Clarkson and Dan from Identity graphics for the new look,” they happily shared on Facebook.

Clarkson himself posted about the incident, saying how deeply hurt he was by the graffiti. “It hurt me deeply to see that Salt Lake’s @yumyumasian food truck was recently vandalized — I know the pain that hateful language and racism causes. With help from @identitygraphix we’ll be able to restore the truck and hopefully lift Ben and his family’s spirit!! #StopAsianHate,” the 29-year old shooting guard said on Twitter.

The Yum Yum Truck will reopen on June 12, Philippine Independence day, and the owners said that they will show “how truly beautiful and kind our culture is” during the celebration. After such a terrible blow, it’s nice to see people like Clarkson step up, and help others. Hate shall not dominate!

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