Guy Behind Blinking Meme Uses Internet Fame for a Cause

The blinking guy meme — you’ve seen his face countless times on the internet and probably have used it yourself. Behind the popular image is producer Drew Scanlon, and he’s using his memedom powers to call for donations towards the National MS Society.

Meme for a Cause

At the end of 2017, Tenos dubbed the blinking guy meme the most-used GIF of the year. To this date, it’s still a relevant reaction for expressing incredulity online. While Scanlon is not one to toot his own horn, he is putting his internet popularity to good use by advocating for the National MS Society and calling for donations.

Raising Funds for MS

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a condition that affects the brain and spinal cord. According to NHS, symptoms include “problems with vision, arm or leg movement, sensation or balance.” Millions of people suffer from MS, including two close friends of Scanlon and members of their families. Sadly, there is currently no known cure for the illness, in which case donations can help fund research and programs that help people cope with MS.

Call for Donations

Since 2016, Scanlon has been participating in Bike MS, a 120-mile fundraising ride from San Francisco to wine country. In 2019, he asked for a favor to donate to the cause, and now he’s asking once again. “If this GIF has ever brought you joy in the past, I humbly ask you to consider making a donation to the National MS Society. It would mean a lot to me and to those I know affected by the disease!” he tweeted.

The goal for the fundraiser is $75,000. As of writing, Scanlon has already raised $67,429 and he’s taking this opportunity to make up for the postponement of last year’s event due to COVID. Those interested in learning more about the cause can head over to


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