“Heil Hitler”? NCCA takes down photos of staff seemingly doing the Nazi salute

We did nazi this coming, especially from the NCCA, who’s supposed to be well-acquainted with history.

On Sunday, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts or NCCA caused a bit of a ruckus after they posted a photo on their Facebook page of their staff doing a gesture where their right arms were thrust into the air with their straightened hands facing down. This oddly resembled the infamous Nazi salute, a signal of obedience to arguably the most famous bad guy in history, Adolf Hitler.

NCCA on neo nazism
(Image: NCCA; InterAksyon)

It didn’t take long before the picture faced backlash, which led to them deleting the picture in a jiffy. They were also quick to issue a clarification and an apology through the NCCA’s Twitter account to explain the blunder.

NCCA explained that the gesture is a part of their recurring cultural show, “Padayon: the NCCA Hour,” and is usually followed with the slogan “Sulong na!” which probably explains the arms-thrust-forward stance. 

“We are in no way encouraging or harboring Neo-Nazi beliefs/practices in the Commission,” the official account made clear. They also promised to think of a different gesture for their program.

To be fair, NCCA dealt with the blooper promptly and responsibly. Our only issue is how, even though we’re fairly sure it was a genuine mistake, no one in the NCCA picked up on the mind-blowing resemblance and flagged the call from the get-go.

At least, they resolved it. Amidst this political climate, the last thing we need in this world are Neo-Nazis.


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