Longest Lasting: PH tops Pornhub’s 2021 List of Time Spent per Visit

Did we take our time during “self-care” or is our internet speeds just that slow?

Longest Lasting: PH tops Pornhub's 2021 List of Time Spent per Visit
(Image: Pornhub)

Year-end reviews by some of the biggest social media sites are popping up left and right. While it offers some sense of the infamous “Pinoy pride” to see the Philippines lead some of these lists, when it comes to Pornhub’s 2021 Year In Review, it can be quite awkward to, well, come out on top. But it’s all for the sake of research, right? 

This year, the Philippines ranked first not only in one but two of the adult website’s year-end lists, with Filipinos spending the longest time watching porn in 2021.

According to Pornhub’s report released on December 14, the average visitor from the Philippines spent 11 minutes and 31 seconds on the site, outdoing other countries such as Japan, whose average of 10 minutes and 3 seconds came in second, France (10 minutes and 2 seconds), the Netherlands (9 minutes and 59 seconds), and Ukraine (9 minutes and 53 seconds).

This is also the third time that the Philippines snagged the top spot, after Pornhub’s 2017 and 2018 year-end lists.

Around the globe, the average visit duration was 9 minutes and 55 seconds, a tad half-minute shorter than last year’s figure. Pornhub’s senior visitors took the longest time pleasuring themselves on the platform this year, taking 1 minute and 36 seconds longer than last year’s.

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(Image: Pornhub)

“That doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone got 29 seconds more efficient at masturbating in 2021, as time on site can reflect many factors including the speed internet in some regions,” Pornhub clarified. “Our usage trends show it’s more likely that visitors are finding what they want much faster thanks to our handy search algorithm and well-curated category tags.

Elsewhere in Pornhub’s report, the Philippines also placed ninth in terms of daily traffic to the porn site. Pornhub also provided an in-depth view of the country’s porn preferences, with “pinay” remaining as the country’s most searched keyword. This is followed by “hentai,” “japanese,” “pinoy,” “korean,” “asian,” “japanese uncensored,” “japanese wife,” “anime,” and “lesbian.”

Meanwhile, trending searches include “threesome pinay” which saw a 460% spike this year, followed “hentai anime,” “rule 34,” “pinoy gay,” and “challenge.”Whatever kind of “challenge” Filipinos are looking up on the site is anyone’s guess.

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(Image: Pornhub)

Another list dominated by the Philippines is the proportion of female visitors to Pornhub. In 2021, there were more female viewers from the Philippines than anywhere else in the world, with local data showing that there were, in fact, more Filipino women than men visiting the porn site on average.

52% of PH-based traffic on the site were women, beating out the 49% of men who came and went. 

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(Image: Pornhub)

“We are moving towards embracing female sexuality and women are feeling more deserving of pleasure,” said sex writer Niki Davis-Fainbloom, As a result, women are more open to exploring their sexuality and there is less stigma around watching porn. More women are feeling empowered, and exploring how the right video can help facilitate that for us. 

“As a result, it seems like there is more porn being produced that targets a female audience.”

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