LOOK: This Adorable Maltipoo Puppy from Korea Has a “Mustache”

The internet is full of many gems. There’s Norbert the therapy dog, who looks so cute with his tongue sticking out all the time, and Charlie the Dalmatian, a puppy who has heart-shaped spots in his eyes.

We discovered another one: Pringles, a white Maltipoo with black fur just above his mouth, which makes him look like he’s got a mustache–sooo cute!

Pringles, a white Maltipoo with black fur just above his mouth. Cute puppy

Photos: Instagram/pringles_maltipoo

Meet Pringles

Pringles has been getting more attention from netizens since the Facebook page Woof Woof featured his adorable pics.


This little cutie is a Maltipoo puppy from Korea who is a “fashion model” (reference: his Instagram bio) and is followed by over 4,000 people on IG! He is often called Pringles-aji or “Aji” by his fur mom, which could refer to “puppy” or “young animal” in Korean.

Here’s Pringles on the day his fur parent got him:


This pup also loves trying out different kinds of food. He’s done mukbangs where he ate veggie terrine and cow liver, tofu stick, and more. Look at how much he enjoys eating tomatoes!


Staying true to his “fashion model” status, here he is trying on different outfits:


Aside from his “mustache,” people have also noticed the black fur on his right eye, which looks like an eye patch. Pringles the Pirate for Halloween? We could totally see it!


Follow Pringles on Instagram for more pics and updates about his adventures!

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