LOOK: Ukrainian airline swaps skirts and high heels for comfy pants and sneakers

“The time of change has come,” says SkyUp Airlines.

As early as the 1940s, in-flight attendants have been made to choose charm and glamour over practicality and comfort by wearing matching skirt suits and white gloves and hats. Though the outfit has evolved through the years, the logic stays the same — until now.

One airline is challenging the way we view flight attendants: Ukraine’s SkyUp Airlines, whose flight attendants are now turning heads with their sleek tangerine two-piece suits with a matching trench coat and snug white sneakers, a far cry from the typical tight-fitting skirts and numbing high heels.

“The flight attendant profession occurred almost a hundred years ago. During this period, a lot has changed, and most importantly, a woman has changed,” SkyUp wrote in a Facebook post introducing the new look. “It requires a new vision of the profession, revolutionary changes. And now we are initiating these changes.”

The airline company sought the services of Frame Fashion Consultancy for their research on how the uniform has evolved for the better in the past, and what flight attendants thought about what they wear. Their conclusion led to the development of a new concept: SkyUp Champions, a principle that “that reflects the spirit of modernity and is based on the idea of movement.”

“The new form is created for active, brave, bright; those who do not like unnecessary wait, but appreciate style; reacts quickly, acts prudently, takes challenges and finds a way out of any situation. These are clothes for open to new, those who love travel and life.”

Made with the help of Ukrainian fashion brand GUDU, the ensemble features an airy tangerine two-piece suit that can be worn with a matching trench coat and a silk handkerchief from traditional clothing company GUNIA Project that can be draped over the shoulder instead of wrapped around the necks. Walking to and fro the cabin is no joke, so SkyUp’s flight attendants will now wear a pair of the ever-ergonomic Nike Air Max 720

To complete their look, they will also get to strut through terminals on their way to their next flight with juicy orange suitcases made by the Ukrainian luggage company Have A Rest.

SkyUp has also allowed its flight attendants to apply lighter makeup. Professionals from Ukraine’s Backstage Beauty&Refresh have developed a delicate gradient with the soft colors of orange and blue which represent the sunset and dawn, respectively. They will also be offered the option to wear their hair in more comfortable styles.

Here’s hoping this move sparks change across the look of flight attendants all over the world!

(all images from SkyUp Airline)


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