Lucha Libre Wrestlers Mask Up in Mexican Market

In case you’re forgetting, there’s still a pandemic and face masks are required when going out in public. It may have been a year after the world has gone into quarantine, so people have become complacent and stopped following health protocols. To address this, Lucha Libre wrestlers have been going around the markets of Mexico handing out face masks and offering sanitization.

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Because arenas are still closed, the Lucha Libre wrestlers found another way they could put their attire to use. Reuters reported these professional Mexican wrestlers armed in their outfits and bottles of sanitizer going around the Central de Abasto market in Mexico City. They advised buyers and sellers to put on their masks and be responsible. Those who were disobedient were sprayed with disinfectant.

One of the wrestlers, Cyclone Ramirez Junior, explains why this is an effective way to encourage citizens to continue wearing face masks. “People look up at us. They are drawn to our masks and I think it helps to make them slightly more responsible.” Vendors and customers appreciate this effort because it reminds them of the health protocols and teaches them how to avoid spreading the virus. Some would even take pictures with the masked enforcers.

Despite many Mexicans wearing masks, the virus is harder to contain in such a crowded place as the markets. Central de Abasto alone has about half a million people visiting daily which makes it a hot spot for infections. Not to mention Mexico has the third-highest number of official deaths due to COVID-19, almost reaching 200,000.

Mexico City is expected to have more wrestlers sent to local markets this month. This is a campaign of the youth office of the city government to continue enforcing health protocols during the pandemic. At the same time, this will promote Lucha Libre, which is a part of their culture and a beloved sport of Mexicans.


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