Miss Universe Philippines 2019 Gazini Ganados prays for family in Gaza

Miss Universe Philippines 2019 Gazini Ganados prays for family in Gaza
(Image from Instagram: @gazinii)

Filipino-Palestinian Gazini Ganados, who represented the Philippines in the 2019 Miss Universe, recently expressed her concern for her family amid the growing chaos caused by the Palestine-Israel conflict.

With a series of screenshots, Gazini posted to her Instagram Stories her latest conversation with her father who is currently based in the Palestinian territory of Gaza. She shared how her father managed to stay “smiling” despite the turmoil in the vicinity.

“My Papa showing me what 7 pm looks like in Gaza,” Gazini wrote.

“I can only imagine the trauma my brothers and sisters are going through and hope for them to still remain kind and hopeful in this cruel situation. Praying for everyone’s safety,” she continued.

Gazini also shared that her father, whom she met for the first time last January 2020, also taught her how to say “I love you” in Arabic. She concluded her posts by urging her followers to show their love to friends and families “before it’s too late.”

(Image from Instagram: @gazinii)

Ganados joined the 68th edition of the Miss Universe where she placed in the Top 20. Talking about her motivation to join the pageant,

Ganados hoped that she would be able to travel and finally meet her dad in Palestine.

The ongoing struggle between Israel and Palestine dates back several decades, with the current conflict geared towards both sides fighting for sovereignty for their people in the Middle East. Tensions again rose in May 2021, which escalated to rocket attacks and airstrikes by Israel that have led to over 200 deaths thus far.


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