FreebieMNL - Olympic organizers warn participants not to eat out

Olympic organizers warn participants not to eat out

Olympic organizers warn participants not to eat out

The world is highly anticipating the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, and a lot of things are at stake. The games have yet to begin, and two athletes have already tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Understandably, this has caused quite a stir, and the pressure is on to make sure that there won’t be an outbreak during the international meet. That’s why organizers of the Tokyo Olympics have warned accredited participants against visiting restaurants that open after 8 p.m. or serve alcohol, citing a “grave reputational risk,” as per GMA News Online

Japan has declared a state of emergency for Tokyo, and this will run through while the capital city hosts the Olympic games. Thus, the public has been concerned that staging a massive event tens of thousands of overseas athletes, officials, and journalists could accelerate infection rates in Japan’s capital and introduce variants that are more infectious or deadlier.

That’s why organizers told the attendees to “not visit restaurants that are open after 20:00 or that serve alcohol.” “Even after your first 14 days in Japan, this will be perceived as visiting a business that operates illegally and could constitute a grave reputational risk to yourself, your organization, and the Tokyo 2020 Games,” said the note sent to COVID-19 liaison officers responsible for ensuring the participants follow the protocols.

This may sound like a bummer for the athletes and organizers, who are probably excited to explore the beauties of Tokyo. However, looking at the bigger picture, it may be a smart decision just to play it safe. After all, the way the Tokyo Olympics will pan out will give the rest of the sports world a preview of how future international sports meets will look like. As the COVID-19 pandemic wages on, events will look a little different than before, but it’s all for the best.


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