People on Twitter Share their Most Awkward Dates

First dates don’t always go smoothly especially when you’re meeting a total stranger. There are so many things that could go wrong, like forced conversation or taking them somewhere they might not like. When Twitter user Steven Glansberg asked the internet what’s the most awkward date they’ve ever been on, some of the responses were hilarious and bizarre, to say the least.

This one has got us #deceased.

Small talk about what you do for a living is expected on first dates, but don’t try to scare them off.  

Communication is Key

It wouldn’t matter if she talked her date’s ear off because he couldn’t even hear her in the first place.

deaf date
via Twitter

Reverse Driver

It sounds like he is a gentleman with mad driving skills. Some people can’t even park in reverse.

How to Get Away From Murder

She dodged a bullet with this one. If you feel uncomfortable about someone, trust your instincts and leave.

Too Old for Shots

They say age doesn’t matter, but when your date falls asleep while you’re out, maybe it’s time to retire from the dating game.

Partner in Crime

We all make mistakes. Just make sure you get her home by 10.

Mommy Issues

Advice from another Twitter user: “Men who bring kids on dates or will flaunt them on dating sites are usually the ones with traits you want to avoid! It’s a manipulation tactic to soften someone up.” Noted.

Picky Eater

Before deciding on a venue, ask your date if they have any dietary restrictions. You don’t want them throwing tantrums at the dinner table.

Eviction Notice

Poor guy. If the date went well, she could have gotten herself a new roommate.

Not all first dates end up horrible and some even have a happily ever after. The only advice we could give you is to just put your best foot forward and just see where it goes. It’s a great way to meet new people and maybe make a lifelong friend.

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