Queen Elizabeth II’s 24k gold Nintendo Wii is up on eBay for P14.5M

Queen Elizabeth II's 24k gold Nintendo Wii is up on eBay for P14.5M
(Images: Getty Images/WPA Pool; @don_cv/eBay)

We’ll only consider it if it came with the Queen’s Wii Sports and Just Dance saves!

Being stuck in a pandemic for more than a year saw a lot of gamers upgrade their personal rigs and gaming consoles to ridiculous degrees. From high-end gaming chairs to special-edition PS5s, we were never scared to splurge a little more for our gaming needs. 

Given that, would you be willing to drop some dough – $300,000 to be exact — on a 24K gold-plated Nintendo Wii owned by Queen Elizabeth II herself

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If you are, then eBay is the way to go. That’s because the gilded game console is now up for sale on the site, and it turns out, it has a pretty perplexing history. Here’s what we picked up from Highsnobiety:

Apparently, Her Majesty the Queen is a huge Wii Bowling fan, at least according to an episode of People Make Games. So, to capitalize on the Queen’s affinity, and to promote its latest release BIG Family Games, game company THQ launched a marketing stunt in 2009 where it commissioned the creation of the gold-plated Nintendo Wii and shipped it to Queen Elizabeth II’s noteworthy address, the Buckingham Palace.

THQ went bankrupt years after the stunt, so there’s no way to trace the Wii back to them anymore, but People Make Games managed to track down the current owner back in 2019: Donny Fillerup, a console collector and the man responsible for putting up the golden gadget on eBay for $300,000, or about P14.5 million. 

That still doesn’t include shipping though, just in case you were already planning your costs.

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