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Still Separated Because of the Pandemic? Here are 7 LDR Valentine’s Date Ideas

Whether they’re living far away from each other because of COVID-related travel restrictions or because of work or other responsibilities, some people will have to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their partner long distance. If that’s something you can relate to, don’t worry! Technology means that you don’t completely have to skip out on dates. Here are just some ideas for fun dates you can do over video calls!

Bake Valentine’s Pastries Together

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Sure, you can always send each other chocolates and cupcakes. But wouldn’t it be more fun if you can make a date out of making your own sweets? Pull up a recipe for anything from cookies to cakes and try it out together. This way, you still get some Valentine’s treats only with the added intimacy of baking together.

Have a Video Game Tournament

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If you and your partner love video games, then this is the obvious but still perfect way to spend the occasion! Make a list of your favorite online multiplayer games – or even new ones that you want to try together – and have fun with some friendly competition. There are tons of games out there that you just need your phone or laptop for!

Have a Movie Marathon

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Are movie nights more of your thing? If so, install the Scener or Netflix Party extension to your browser and queue up some Valentine’s picks to watch with them in sync. To make it feel even more like you’re together, why not prepare the same movie snacks and drinks for your marathon as well?

Paint or Make Crafts Together 

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Are you two artsy types? Or just have fun with doing something creative on dates? This is the perfect date idea for you. Prepare the materials you need and make a day out of making some great art together. You can even make DIY Valentine’s gifts to send to each other!

Make and Have an Online Dinner Date

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Online dinner dates are a staple when it comes to celebrating holidays long distance, but to make it feel like you’re really in the same place, why not make the same meal together as well? This way, you can have fun while figuring out the recipe together, and later relax in each other’s presence as well as you’re eating the same food.  

Self-Pamper Together 

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Lots of couples celebrate Valentine’s through a Spa Day, and you can too! Whip out some scented candles, prepare some self-care products, queue up some relaxing music or videos you can listen to or watch together, and enjoy a nice, low-key celebration while getting the rest and relaxation you deserve. 

Play Chatty Drinking Games 

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If you’re looking to wind down after whatever activity you did to celebrate, why not end the night with some chill drinking games that will lead to some fun (and even deep) conversations with your loved one. From Truth or Drink to Never Have I Ever, there’s tons of drinking games that have the same effect over video calls that you can choose from. 


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