Strange “Creature” Found In Krakow Turns Out To Be A Croissant

It’s not a bird… It’s bread! This is what a woman in Krakow who called animal control later found out, after the “creature” perched on a tree outside her home was discovered to be a piece of croissant.

The caller was genuinely concerned about the welfare of her neighbors who have not been able to open their windows for days because they were “afraid that it [might] enter their homes!”

croissant 1
Photos: Facebook/Krakowskie.Towarzystwo.Opieki.nad.Zwierzetami, Unsplash/kawin

The Krakow Animal Welfare Society shared this unusual story in a Facebook post, which has already received thousands of reactions and comments. The organization said that they tried to ask the woman if the unidentified animal she saw was perhaps a “sick bird of prey.” They even thought it could have just been a late April Fools’ joke!

After talking more about the “creature,” the woman described it to resemble a “legwan,” which is Polish for “iguana.” Despite wondering how an iguana could survive the current temperature in Poland, the inspectors went to her given address to look for the animal. But upon finding the brown-colored “creature,” they ended up having a “laughter attack.”

“The iguana turned out to be… [a] croissant, [a] puff pastry.”

The group said that the post was not an April Fools’ joke, and that the call and investigation actually happened. They went on to encourage people in Krakow to reach out to them for other animal-related concerns. “It is always worth reporting if you are concerned about something,” they said.

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