Study reveals that most cats are psychopaths

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Here’s some surprising (…or is it?) news: a recent study revealed that most cats are considered psychopaths. This doesn’t necessarily mean your cat is ‘evil.’ Researchers at the United Kingdom’s University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University surveyed cat owners to determine their pets’ psychopathy levels, based on human standards.

As per, the study defined psychopaths as that are often characterized by a lack of empathy and a tendency to manipulate others. In the Journal of Research in Personality, it was revealed that pet owners found that many cats fell somewhere on the spectrum of psychopathy based on the “triarchic” concept, which determines levels of boldness, meanness, and inhibition in humans.

In the study, the researchers gave 549 participants a 46-question survey to rate on a five-factor scale, from “Does not describe my cat” to “Describes my cat extremely well,” how much their cat “torments their prey rather than killing it straight away,” “vocalizes loudly (e.g. meows, yowls) for no apparent reason,” and “is undeterred by punishment i.e. will repeat behaviors he/she is scolded for,” among others.

The leads of the study also added “human-unfriendliness” and “pet-unfriendliness” in the criteria and came up with Cat Triarchic Plus (CAT-Tri+), a new method to measure feline psychopathy.

But why though? Well, the researchers inferred that feline friends might have inherited their psychopathic tendencies from their wild ancestors, which thrived in hunting prey, securing territories, and acquiring mates.
Are you curious to find out if your own cat is considered a psychopath? The researchers have made their findings available to the public. This means you can gauge the psychopathic tendencies of your cat based on their standards. Be that as it may, you still love your feline friends anyway, psychopath or not.

Art Macky Arquilla

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