Tag your housemates: TESDA now offers an online “workplace waste management” course

(Image: Eco-Waste Coalition)

During this pandemic, we’re producing more waste as we spend more hours indoors. So, while we have the time, why not learn how to take out the trash the right way?

That’s exactly what the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or TESDA had in mind when it created the course called “Performing Solid Waste Management in the Workplace” on their website


Co-developed with the National Solid Waste Management Commission or NSWMC, the free online course aims to teach more people about the best solid waste management or SWM practices, something that’s especially important during this “new normal.”

“Gaining knowledge about best SWM practices is vital at this time because household health care waste, such as disposable face masks and gloves, must be disposed of properly,” NSWMC Alternate Chair and DENR Undersecretary Benny Antiporda says in press release by DENR.

The course is divided into two parts: a theoretical Introduction to Ecological Solid Waste Management, which lectures the student about Philippine environmental laws and regulations, ecological SWM, and the various sources of waste.

Then, the second part teaches the student about the practical side of SWM: waste segregation, composting, recycling, managing residual waste with potential for recycling, and proper waste collection, treatment and disposal. 

There will be a summative test by the end of the course. Those who are able to get at least 80% will receive a certificate of completion. 

Registration to TESDA’s online academy is completely free, and the course is self-paced — take up the lessons where you want, when you can.

We all know that segregation has been a struggle for city folks, who only throw out their trash in one bulk of a garbage bag. Thus, courses like these are dire in changing the culture and reducing our negative impact upon nature.

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