The Cold Take: 3 Reasons Why Clint Bondad Needs To Cut It Out 2 Weeks Ago

By Jim Henares

Welcome to The Cold Take: when we let enough time pass so we could finally take a better look at what was recently a hot topic with a more sober, probing eye. Sometimes. It’s the perfect way to look at yesterday’s issues and send it off with just the right amount of detached analysis.

A couple of weeks, Clint Bondad lit the internet aflame with a bunch of cryptic messages about his ex-girlfriend, Catriona Gray, and her current beau, Sam Milby. Rumors started flying about the possibility that Catrion and Sam were seeing each other on the sly while she was still with Clint.

More importantly, though, Clint’s Instagram Stories about the topic were bordering on batshit insane.

screenshot compilation via

That’s not exactly light reading right there. And more to the point, they’re flat-out disturbing. And if Clint Bondad knows what’s good for him, let this be the end of it, and he should cut it out. Here are just a few reasons why.

1. It’s hella creepy.

This should go without saying, but a less charitable lawyer would have relished the chance to secure a restraining order against this guy for his posts. There’s cryptic, then there’s Clint Bondad’s IG stories, and at this point, it doesn’t even matter if he’s in the right, and he really is the scorned ex. You just don’t pull the crap that he’s pulling, because it’s really not a good look.

“But what about the proof that Catriona may have been cheating?” Well, yeah, maybe. We still don’t know for sure. But if Matt Hardy got fired for airing out dirty laundry about Edge and Lita in 2005, it should give you a hint that even when someone’s in the right, being vengeful and petty doesn’t really do one any favors.

Clint’s Instagram Stories were pretty interesting for one hot minute. But not only have they run their course, adding more fuel to the fire is only going to keep ticking more boxes in the “creepy psycho ex” checklist for Clint. Some people think it’s a sweet gesture still actively pining for one’s ex. Just like the movies, right? Well, in the real world, it’s not sweet, so much as it’s creepy. Hella creepy.

2. It doesn’t change a damned thing.

It’s not like doing what he’s doing now is going to win her back and make her leave Sam. If anything, it’s the perfect “Exhibit A” why people should ever be wary of getting involved with Clint Bondad. With anything.

Why he would ever think this was a remotely good idea is beyond me. If he really felt the need to out Catriona, being plain and matter-of-fact about it would still have had some backlash, but it would have at least gotten the point across minus all the WTFery. In 2020, do we really need any more WTFery than we already have? Mr. Bondad clearly did not think his target market through.

3. You wouldn’t even know who he is if it wasn’t for her.

It’s not exactly an exaggeration to say that being Catriona Gray’s (now-erstwhile) significant other was the only thing that keeps him even remotely relevant to the general public at present.. As acrimonious as this breakup may have been, attacking the person who opened doors for you is never looked upon favorably in this very, very utang-ng-loob dominated industry we know as Philippine showbiz and even showbiz-adjacency, as Clint would be more appropriately classified in. Even the biggest stars of the industry know better than to brush off even the lowliest showbiz writer, much more the person who is single-handedly responsible for your existing name recall.

This is not to say that Clint should forever waive his right to air out his grievances if there were any. But there’s a right way of doing it, and creepy Instagram Stories where people had to fill in the blanks and possibly manufacture fake nude photos really wasn’t the way to go about it. 

Sure, in the end, like the whole Will and Jada Smith drama, nobody really cares what happens to beautiful people leading beautiful lives, but maybe we should. Ultimately, those posts should be recognized for what they really are: a cry for help. And someone needs to listen to Clint’s. Someone. Anyone. Before it’s too late.


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