We Asked,You Answered: The Top Things People Want to Do After Quarantine

We’re more than a month in during the ECQ and we’re sure people are looking forward to that exact moment when the lockdown will be lifted. Here at FreebieMNL, we wanted to find out what people are most looking forward to. We asked hundreds of people online. These were the results:

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Church Tops the List

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No surprises there for the largest catholic country in Asia. While going to the church means going to a public location, it seems like people more than ever have a stronger need to re-affirm their faith in a place of worship.

Reunions are in Order

Humans are inherently social creatures. After being apart for so long, it looks like one of the top priorities is to reconnect and catch up with both family members and friends. While Zoom, Google Meet and Skype definitely helped with the longing, there’s really nothing better than a real meet-up.

Everyone Needs a Trim

6 to 8 weeks without a haircut must be a nightmare for a lot of men and for a small number of women. We’ve seen hundreds of photos online of people whose hair has grown far too long. It looks like that we can expect long lines at the salon and barbers after the lockdown. Might be best to make an appointment this early on.

The Pandemic has Not Deterred People from Going to Public Places

Going to restaurants, traveling, going to the mall, even heading to the theater to watch a movie are still pretty popular. Going to the cinemas is quite a surprise given most of the blockbusters have been moved to 2021. It looks like people are also eager to go back to their habits and routines, despite the lingering risks.

Going to the Gym and Going for a Run are Surprisingly Low

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Are people working out in their homes? Or maybe they’ve totally given up on their fitness goals for 2021? We know we have. Regardless, we all could use a sweat session.

Go on a Date is Low on the List

Or maybe those Zoom dates were already enough? Or maybe they were sick of their spouses and beloveds? It sounds like distance doesn’t make the heart grow fonder.

There Were Still a Lot More That Didn’t Make the Cut

There were a lot of other choices that were too small to make the cut. Some of these include: going to a bar for a drink, having a spa day, getting a relaxing massage, and, surprisingly, going back to the office.

How about you guys? What do you want to do after the lockdown?

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