The true bogus buyers: these people who look down on online sellers

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The persisting pandemic has led to an all-time-high in unemployment rates. Many citizens are left stuck at home, scraping for a livelihood to make ends meet, and looking to the nearest possessions to make money out of online. 

Whether it’s taking orders for baked goods or selling second-hand stuff on the Internet, online selling has been the go-to solution for many Filipinos amidst this health crisis, and why not? They have the goods, the platform is free, and the demand can come from anywhere. Anyone who has these three can get into online selling. Whether they do it on a full-time or part-time basis, earning however much they can from selling online will always be of great help during these tough times.

With that said, where are people getting the energy (and the audacity) to hate on online sellers? As seen on the following posts, some netizens have had the nerve to look down on online selling, talking smack about the reputable profession like it’s anything but.

There’s a lot of low blows to deflect here, all of which share the same trait of being ridiculously condescending. Let’s break them down:

“You’re just an online seller now”

Like we said, going into online selling literally requires little to even zero capital, depending on what you want to sell. So yes, it’s a simple venture that requires easy effort to kick off. 

Therefore, minus the cruel intent to belittle, this is technically accurate. Feel free to jump ship when you feel burnt out from your work-from-home desk job.

“Online selling isn’t a real job” 

Well, no one’s claiming benefits nor signing off on vacation leaves, so yes, it technically isn’t.

Given online sellers are their own bosses and their income may vary from measly to shockingly high, we figure “business” would better suit the work. What isn’t a real job, though, is heckling online sellers on social media.

“Online sellers can’t do any better”

Maybe they can, maybe they can’t, and that’s the point — anyone can get into it. No education required, just will, wits, and patience.

Seriously though, haters ought to steer clear from this argument, because it can easily apply to just about any blue-collar workers out there. There will always be a profession above and below us, so what’s the point of comparing if only to feel good about our privileges?

Let this be a reminder to everyone that while the price of goods online may vary, it still requires zero cents to stay kind to each other. After all, we’re all just trying to survive. As long as it isn’t illegal, then the least we can do is let them mind their own (online) business.

Besides, we can’t point at online sellers with one hand and “add to cart” with the other!

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